Races and Creatures

Humans – Self explanatory, will edit later.

Beastmen – A people who have ancient beliefs, massive cultures, and the ability to transform themselves into an animal. (Normally appear human, although there are differences even then) (think laguz from fire emblem) Are they real?

Creaturefolk – A mix between a man and some creature. Typically nomadic tribes or packs. (examples, catfolk, Lizardmen, and the Lucans) Are they real?

Giants Drastic differences between individual types. Most live in small villages, although a there are rumored to be some cities in the greater mountains. They are indeed, very real.

Dwarves believed to be cousins of the halflings (whose description will be beyond this link), the halflings are known, but are the dwarves themselves real?

Elves and gnomes, are they real?

Orcs , goblins, and ogres, are they real?

Trolls Are they real?
Mer Waterdwellers, are they real?

Fey Forestdwellers, are they real?

Races and Creatures

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