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Countenance of Eternity

The world begins in a realm known by those that dwell within it as “The Misted Realms”. Long long ago the Realm was entrapped in a purple, hazy Mist. Those that dwelled within were told, in 100 generations, the Mist will fade. When this happens, you will either be destroyed, or welcomed back into the world. Who told them, or why they were trapped has been lost to history, and even the simple tale I have told has faded to Myth. Many within do not believe the mist will ever fade, that it is simply part of the world they live in. Some believe it is where the gods rest.

The Mist is a complete enigma. All that is known about it is that anyone who enters, never returns. People have come out from the Mist however, and are remembered, however no physical evidence of them can ever be found existing before they walked from the mist. Some of these Mistwalkers, as they have come to be called, have no memory of walking from the Mist, and remember a full life within. Other’s come through with idea’s of grand new magics to be discovered, or fantastical political movements that must be made. The Mistwalkers are generally accepted throughout the Realm, with the exception of one Nation, who is extremely xenophobic of them.

CoE is a sandbox world with many preset civilizations and adventures, free to be explored or ignored by the players.

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